Yet Another Shameless Bit of Pandering...

 Hullo, all.

I’d really hoped to get the second half of the Ogres to Ogryns post up, well, about three weeks ago.  Then I’d hoped to get up a half-assed version that just went over how I built the weapons for my first set of conversions, the ones I use in my Penal Legion army.  As you probably noticed, neither version of these events happened.

I’ve just been swamped with final edits on the third book in the Ex series.  Plus going over layouts for the second book.  And tons and tons of publicity stuff for the first book, Ex-Heroes.  It’s in stores everywhere starting... well, today.

So, for the moment, please check out that big link down there on the right side, just past the end of this post.  And then, I promise, in the weeks to come you’ll see a post on how to build a ripper gun for these Ogryns, a new paperhammer tank, and zombies of both the undead and mechanical variety.  Plus a very big, very Orky unit for Apocalypse that I'm building with Marcus from Atomic Warlords.

But, in the meantime, the folks at Random House would be very happy if you bought the first book in the series...