As 2016 Draws to a Close...

Wow. So here we are, at the end of the year, and this has been the worst year ever for this little geeky blog.  A mere nine posts. Counting this one.

Granted, there’s a couple of reasons for that.  I’ve been working on a new book, a big one, and it’s been a monster in many senses.  I did a bunch of signings and cons.  Plus, like far too many folks this year, I had some friends and family die on me, and it left me in a mood to... well, I drank a lot this year.

When all that’s going on, forcing myself to work on a project just so I can put up a new post isn’t any fun.  And that‘s what this blog—hell, this whole hobby—is supposed to be about.  Having fun.

If I’m not having fun... why am I here, right?

This isn’t to say I didn’t do anything 40K related this year. Through the miracle of eBay I managed to buildup a fair-sized Genestealer Cult that I’m pretty sure Marcus the Blackhearted is looking forward to crushing under the Imperium’s heel, and also some dirt-cheap Knights that became a fallen household to deal with his followers of the False Emperor.

Plus my lady and I have been playing Age of Sigmar on a fairly regular basis, which eats up a night or two.  She’s been trying out her Skaven against my Ogres (or is it Ogors now...?), the Empire, and my very zombie-heavy Vampire Counts army.  All with a disgusting level of success.  We’re hoping to do a battle report for the Atomic Warlords page sometime in the near future.

But Paperhammer... I hate to admit, but it kind of fell to the side.  Because, like I said, it kept feeling like an obligation.  And I didn’t want to spend my scarce free time on an obligation if I didn’t have to.

Yeah, that’s a contradiction. Deal with it.  You know what I mean.

So—if you’re still interested—I still want to keep this page going. I really love the sheer creativity of Paperhammer.  Plus, let’s face it, even with the better direction GW has been taking these past few months, a lot of folks still can’t afford this hobby. And if I can help them into it with some white glue and cereal boxes, I want to do it.  Because the more of us there are, the better.

Anyway, I’m hoping to make things work a bit better in the year to come. I need to finish the Destroyer.  There’s a few Age of Sigmar scenery bits I want to work on.  And I still keep looking at some of those huge templates for Warhounds and Warlords. I mean, you’ve seen what Chaos is up against on the Atomic Warlords’ tables, right?  We’ve got a fallen Knight household, but we seriously need a titan or two.

And if there’s something you want to see a cheap, Paperhammer version of... please let me know.

Happy New Year.