Flayed Ones, Part III

 Wanted to post some of these ages back but with the holidays and other stuff, I’ve just been swamped.

Speaking of which—new book comes out next week from Broadway Paperbacks.  Ex-Purgatory, fourth in the Ex-Heroes series.  Check it out in whatever format you like from your preferred bookseller.  It’s a (hopefully) fun read and you can passively support this page at the same time.

Anyway, Flayed Ones.  Now in color.

As I’ve said before, I’m not the greatest painter, but here’s what worked for me.  I primed them black and then hit them with an aluminum chrome spray paint I’ve used on all my Necrons.  It’s quick and fast and I like the shine white-silver shine it gives them.  I’ll probably take these guys down a bit with a drybrush of Boltgun a.k.a. Leadbelcher.

These are just base colors, mind you but hopefully they’ll give you a sense of how the whole thing will turn out.  I added Abbadon Black on the thighs, upper arms, and spine.  The skin’s all Kislev Flesh, but I’ll be making some distinctions with my next pass.  I dabbed the last of my red gore on the mouths and also under the ribcage, as if all the blood and flesh is leaking down through.  I also ran a bit of it along the edges of the skin flaps and on some of the blades.  All the assorted skulls and bones got a base of dark flesh.  I also realized most of my browns have dried up...  Good thing I'm going to the store tomorrow.

Skin is like a beer label.  The goal
is to get it all off in one piece...
With my next pass I want to add some brighter blood.  I’ll drybrush the bones, too, and bring the bases in line with the rest of my Necrons.

Next... I’m going to try to push my plastic models over to the Relictors page I set up, so here I can focus on the Paperhammer Destroyer I want to try.  Mostly because I’ve wanted to do it for ages and (if rumors are true) I might get it done just as GW releases a plastic model for it.