Yet Another Really Pathetic Excuse


Soooo... legs didn’t get done before Comic-Con.  Or since then.  They’re still in pieces on a TV tray here in my office. 

Comic-Con was amazing, as always, and I’ve just been slammed with work since then.  Started the new Ex book, revisions on The Fold, plus I’m working on a semi-secret project that I’m very excited about and hoping I can talk about in a few days.  Plus there was some extremely painful jaw surgery.

So instead of playing 40K—or even just working on the hobby side of it—I’ve been forced to sit here at my desk and remember when I used to have time to play almost every week.  Which, granted, was way back when.

If memory serves, it was around the time that Games Workshop just gave Codex: Assassins away for free with White Dwarf one month.  Seriously.  No extra cost, they just printed it up with a solid cover and included it in the mailing.  It was a thank you to all their loyal customers—“here’s a freebie from us.  It’s only four models anyway, it’d be silly to charge for it. We'd look like mercenary bastards.”

Anyway, enough nostalgia.  I’m going to try to get the legs done soon so I can move on to guns and maybe even start another project before the end of the year.

Yeah, we’re far enough in that it’s almost the end of the year.

Many, many thanks for your patience.