Not Dead Yet...

I want to apologize for the long delay between posts. I got an unexpected job with a very specific (and very close) due date on it. Alas, the paying work has to take priority.

Plus... well, I’m dealing with a bunch of freehand stuff in these past few posts. Which is not quite as fun and relaxing. It’s easy to build off a template, but not so easy when I’m building from scratch and trying to document it for you folks.

So really, it’s your fault this is late...

From a certain point of view...

Many thanks for all your patience. Hoping to be back at the Baneblade in a week or two.


  1. Hey, I just found this blog, and its pretty sweet. Do you think you could do a Stormraven? They'll be all the rage with BA out and GK hitting shelves soon.

  2. Hey, Anon,

    Actually, I'd love to do a Stormraven. The only catch is, I'd need someone to come up with a template for it. All the Paperhammer stuff I do is, alas, mostly someone else's work. I may tweak it a little bit here and there, but most of the heavy lifting was done by someone else.

    But believe me, if a Stormraven template shows up, you'll see it here. :)