Paperhammer Catalog

A quick bonus post for you...

There are some phenomenal Paperhammer templates coming out of Russia.  I’ve mentioned Eli Patoroch here before, but there’s really a couple folks over there who are all doing some plain amazing work.  It really has to be seen to be believed.

Which is why a couple of said folks got together with others in the online community and put together this little catalog.  It’s almost fifty pages of Paperhammer tanks, walkers, titans, and more.  There's even some life-sized bolters and lasguns.  If you still needed any proof of what you can do with this hobby, here it is, assembled (quite literally) by some of the cleverest people out there.

Keep in mind, the catalog is just images.  No templates, so this is more for inspiration than instruction.  However, you can find a big listing of Patoroch’s templates available here.  And there's always lots of stuff at the BWC archives on Yahoo.

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