Yet Another Pathetic Minor Update

If anyone’s still bothering to read this, you have the patience of a saint.

I could give you the usual list of excuses.  Book release.  Appearances.  New book in progress.  Far too much dental work.  Printer issues.  It hasn’t left me with much free time for other stuff.  Heck, I think I’ve managed to play two games this year, and they were both Kill Team games.

But you don’t care about any of that.

Good news is, a large number of these issues have been resolved.  So this time next week, I should have the first part of a new project up.

Give you a hint... it rhymes with Ethereal Blight.


  1. Sir,

    I usually don't comment, but rest assured that there're people that aren't subscribed that swing by. The current "big name models not rules company's" business model strains my modest budget, so I'm a fan of blogs like yours.

    Keep it coming!

  2. :-) I wondered if anyone had the old patterns for the Knight I remember seeing years ago... Luck and looking forward! Thanks!

  3. Just to reassure your ego, I am also here and enjoying your return. :-)

  4. yup, i'm still here as well! Don't worry, we're a patient bunch, we're not going to break out the pointy sticks... yet. ;)