Rhino Redux

So, as I mentioned last week, I’m at San Diego Comic Con right now.  If you care about such things, you can follow me on Twitter for random updates.  If you’re actually here with me, I’m doing a bunch of panels and signings on Thursday, plus I have another signing at 2:00 Friday in the Random House booth.  Stop by at some point and say hello.

What I wanted to do now, though, in the interest of keeping things relevant, is point you back to the very beginning of this geeky blog. As many of you probably know, Space Marines have a bunch of new formations and squadrons.  Including all the free Rhinos and Razorbacks you can field thanks to the Company Support rule.  You could also take a squadron of Whirlwinds.  All of which is great if you happen to have a bunch of extra Rhinos sitting around. 

And as it happens... know what one of my first projects was here at In The Grim Cheapness of the Future...?  I made a bunch of Rhinos and Rhino-hull based vehicles.  Yes, they’re the older “classic” Rhinos.  They’re also ridiculously quick and easy to make.  And pretty much free.  It’s possible to make three or four of these in a weekend.  Maybe even five or six if you’ve got some practice at this.

Plus, since then, I’ve done a lot more with rivets.  I’ve also talked about ways to make purity seals and aquillas and a bunch of other things you could use for detail. If you happen to have some spare parts sitting around, they’ll look even better.

You can make a very solid, completely acceptable Rhino for pennies.  It’d be possible to make an elaborate command vehicle for next to nothing.  Once they’re painted. most people probably won’t be able to tell without getting right up close.

Personally, I’m probably going to make one more Whirlwind so my White Scars can have a full squad of three.

So, please, go back and check it out. And if you happen to be at San Diego Comic Con this week, please find me and say "hullo."


  1. My first ever completed scratchbuild was a Rhino, and while it's very blocks and lacking in detail it does always get impressed looks from players.

    I think some people think scratch building is much more terrifyingly complex than it is, so when you say "I made this land raider from cardboard and milliput" people think you're some sort of model god rather than someone who found a good website like yours and downloaded some templates. :-)

    1. Absolutely. There are some incredibly detailed templates out there that only a real lunatic would try to build, but there's also a lot of simple, solid models that anyone with even basic skills can use. And if you have a few extra skills past that, you can make some really fantastic ones.

      Which is, of course, the point of all this stuff I post... :)