Pathetic Excuses Post

This spring has turned into a whirlwind for me, and (as usual) modeling and gaming is what’s taken the hit.   I wanted to be working on a paperhammer Destroyer by now (I’m going to need it), or at least some Tyranid scenery (also paperhammer—it’s going to be great).

Pretty much all I’ve managed to do is prime a few things.  But I thought some of you might like this—it’s the Imperial Knight I made last year.  I don’t put up pictures of painted things that often, and I know sometimes it’s easy to write off paperhammer projects when they just look like... well, cardboard.  But even just a basic coat of primer shows how great these models can look.

I’ll put up a few more shots as it gets some color on it, but I wanted to give you a look at it right now.

And next time, I thought I could go over some basics before diving into that Destroyer.


  1. Even if you don't paint them, please post more of the finished models, because they do look great.

  2. That's a pretty nice model. Is there something else on there besides primer? Some sort of putty or texture?

    BTW, I've read about 1/3 of "Ex-Isle." It's a real page turner so far.