Excuses and More Shameless Pandering

Well, I wasn’t able to post last week, this barely counts, and next week may be rough, too.

The base of the Silver Towers had a bit of a re-design, so that ate up some time.  I also had to finish up my Tyranids for the no-humans/no-power-armor league my gaming group is doing.  So there’s been foward motion in the project, just no time to write out all the documentation about it.

I also had another book come out.  Last week Permuted Press just released a collection of short stories I wrote called The Junkie Quatrain. It’s four connected/ interwoven/ overlapping short stories set in the same post-apocalyptic world.  I’ve been explaining it to people as 28 Days Later crossed with Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon. It adds up to a mid-sized novella, so it’s also very cheap.

Also, Amazon Studios is developing a film with the working title of Original Soldiers.  It’s a sci-fi tale about human soldiers leaping into action when America’s droid army is shut down by an opponent.  I’m one of five folks (well, four folks and a writing team) who were hired by Amazon to expand my pitch based off their logline into a full treatment. 
So, between that and Ex-Communication, things might slow down a bit in the month of February.  Just letting you all know now.  The good news is, I’ll probably still keep working on things in my down time, so when I get to come back to this on a regular basis I’ll have enough material to go for quite a while.

In the weeks to come—the Silver Towers get finished, Imperial Bunkers, Grotesques and Wracks, a Thunderbolt, Kroot count as everything, a Gargant, and possibly even some Tyranid scenery...

Stick around.  It’ll be worth it.  Honest.

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