Silver Towers of Tzeentch, Pt. IV

First off, I got a lot less done on this model than I’d planned to.  My gaming group is starting a non-human, non-power armored campaign this weekend, and I’ve decided that after years of waiting it’s finally time for Swarm Tiamat to take the field.  I highly recommend something like this if you think your group would be up for it, by the way, because it’s very interesting to see how people’s army composition has changed when they the players know they’re not going to be facing any kind of Space Marine.  Anyway, I’ve been trying to get a last few Tyranids built and painted and so not as much has happened with the Silver Towers.

Still, I’ve gotten a few things done.

Helpful Hint—This hit me after the fact and I felt like an idiot.  Remember the long strips around each tower?  Rather than holding them, wrap them with hair elastics.  You can usually find a bag of them at your local 99 Cent Store (or similar establishment).  They’re strong enough to hold things in place, but gentle enough so you don’t have to worry about them crushing anything like some over-powerful rubber bands might do when you double or triple them up.

Now, a quick onward and upward.

The short towers still need vents, but like in the classic model, I wanted these to be on the towers themselves rather than their peaks.  So I cut some more 1/8” strips and cut those down to 3/4” lengths.  These were spaced out around each of the shorter towers, and I was happy with how they came out.  It also made me realize the taller towers and the main tower should have a lower level of vents, so I cut some 1/2” pieces and had those line up on the bands beneath the longer pieces.

I was pretty happy with this, because it gave me a nice throwback to the original without looking like I was trying to give it that slightly cartoony quality a lot of stuff had back then.

Next, each of the towers needed a tab where they’d connect to the flying island.  I cut about two dozen strips that were about 1 1/2” long and 3/4” wide and scored them at the halfway point.  The measurement doesn’t have to be exact because they’re not going to be seen.  I glued and clamped three of them around each tower, fastened to the inside with the tabs out. 

On the tall towers and the main tower, I also did two or three extra tabs facing in, but still fastened on the inside.  These towers are going to be top-heavier than the short ones, and the main tower is just bigger in all dimensions (I can fit any of the other towers inside of it). So the main tower has six tabs altogether on it--three in and three out. 

Speaking of the 99 Cent Store, while those tabs were drying it was time to think about the base for this thing.  While I was there looking at hair elastics, I grabbed a 10.5” plastic plate from their housewares section.  I also got a large plastic wine glass.  So, add two more dollars onto the cost for the Silver Towers. 

By the way, it’s not hobby-related, but try not to get freaked out by how many of the plates there say “do not microwave” or “do not use with food” on the back.

Okay, I need to go finish painting another dozen or so gaunts for tomorrow, but I swear to God these towers are going to get finished (and posted) very soon.

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