Gargant Interruptus

A quick apology for missing the past two weeks.  Real life intrudes at the most inopportune times.  I had some rewrites that had to get my attention, and Marcus and I decided it'd be best to push the gargant's big day back to Fourth of July.  We want it to look fantastic, after all.  In an Orky way.

In the meantime, if you'll forgive me, I was going to do a quick bit of shameless self-promotion.  My first hardcover comes out on Tuesday, so I need to flog it for a couple of minutes. It's called The Fold, and it's sort of a sci-fi/mystery/thriller with a strong horror element.  More or less.

It's got a ton of praise from people like Bram Stoker Award winners Joe McKinney (Dead City) and John Dixon (Phoenix Island), Chuck Wendig (Blackbirds), Mira Grant (Feed and Parasite), Wesley Chu (Lives of Tao), DJ Molles (the Remaining series), and Andy Weir who wrote a book called The Martian.  Heck, Kirkus Review liked it and I'm told they're really picky when it comes to giving good reviews.

If you happen to live in California, I'm doing a bunch of signings next week (which is why I won't be here building gargant weapons).  I’ll be at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego on Tuesday, June 2nd (release party!); Borderlands Books in San Francisco on Thursday, June 4th; and then at Dark Delicacies in Burbank on Saturday, June 6th.

And then, back here to resume gargant duties.  It's going to look fantastic.

Thanks for your patience

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  1. congrats again on the hardcover!! Which, btw, doesn't come out in this part of the world until the 18th June. There are many frowny faces here right now. -_-