Quick Apology Post

Wanted to stop in and apologize for the lack of posts.  I’m actually up against the wall with this deadline.  The new book’s due next week and I’m trying to get a last polish draft in after a series of brutal rewrites.

(To be honest, my publisher graciously let things slide for an extra month and I’m still against that wall.  See that as a sign of my determination for a great book or my incompetence—your call)

And I tried to work on the Knight’s legs in my rare breaks, but they’re very complex. Just not the sort of thing I can do for fifteen or twenty minutes away from the computer.  It’s probably going to take me two whole posts just to cover putting them together.  One for the feet and one for the legs. 

Which I will get to as soon as this draft is turned in.  This Knight will have legs before the San Diego Comic-Con.  Really.


  1. Bah! Don't worry about it VS. We all have lives, jobs, families. Stuff piles up and things have to take precedence. It happens. Don't worry about it. Don't believe me? check out recent posts. Seriously, don't worry about it. Finish your book, get the it published, make a million dollars. THEN you can apologize for missing a dead line on your model blog.

  2. Ditto that. Best of luck with the book, hope it's going well! :D